Our Story

Untold Treasures was born through the idea of making South American artisan accessories discoverable to people all around the world.

Founded by Emily Senn whilst globetrotting for a year in 2016. Throughout her journey through Colombia, Bolivia and Peru, she had the pleasure of meeting inspiring local artisans and learning about their incredible handicrafts.

Untold Treasures believes that these artisan goods are just too beautiful not to share and appreciate with the rest of the world. The skills are often perfected over decades, if not centuries; each unique piece being crafted with love and affection. It's the work of these craftsmen and women that inspired us to start a brand that offers a curated selection of unique items from far away places.

We responsibly source all of our items by buying directly from the women and families that make them. The long term vision of the company is to create a wholly ethical business by giving back to these communities through supporting local foundations and projects to improve living standards and education.

We hope you're as excited about our collection of handmade offerings as we are! Most of the products are completely unique making them truly special keepsakes. 

If you like what you see, come and find us on Instagram and Facebook to share your photos, adventures and stories with us!

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